Vented Series

It is recommended that you allow an additional 4″ on each side of the log set to fit in the fireplace. To add a manual control valve (if your fireplace does not have a valve) then allow 8″ on each side.

Contemporary Series


Vented Gas logs for your wood burning fireplace. Enjoy the splendor and warmth of a cozy fire with Real-Fyre Gas Logs.

 Width of Fireplace Opening

 Suggested Log Set Size











 All natural gas sets include:  Special custom grate, Ceramic/refractory logs, Special silica sand, Glowing embers, Custom-fit full-sized burner pan, safety damper clamp and an Installation kit. You just need a fireplace that can safely burn wood and has gas available to it. Everything else is included! NOTE: These gas log sets are designed to be operated in a fully functional, wood-burning, vented fireplace with the damper completely open.

LP (Propane) sets include: Vermiculite granules instead of silica sand, LP orifice and  safety pilot kit