Gas Lights Illuminate the Holidays

Gothic Gas Lights

Gas lights illuminate the Holidays. October in Texas at Gas Products Unlimited is synonymous with deer hunting stories ensuing, leaves beginning to fall, Real Fyre gas logs moving from our store to warm our customer’s hearts and homes.  Visions of snuggling up to a warm fireplace with a cozy drink in hand on those mornings and evenings a cold front has traveled far enough south.  A sigh of relief echoes as we say goodbye to our Texas summer for a few months.  We look forward to embracing the next season filled with loads of celebration!

Fall is here, but we look ahead to the Holiday Season! Yes, the Holidays are upon us and along with them the Holiday Parties. Gas Lights and Gas Logs are an important part of your Holiday festivities. Gatherings of distinguished guests, family and friends bring Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations to life.  Now is the time to prepare, plan, and cover the details for making your party a success.

Remember to service your outdoor gas grills, your gas fireplaces and most importantly your gas powered lights. Gas Products Unlimited has been serving our customer’s gas lights and gas product needs for more than 25 years. We understand the importance of your Holiday parties and having properly maintained gas fixtures. Gas lights showcase the host and hostess’ exquisite taste and elegance at this time of year. For optimum performance we recommend gas lights be serviced annually. Gas Products Unlimited completely and properly services gas lights as itemized below.

Our Gas Lights Service Includes:

  1. Pressure testing the gas line.
  2. Repairing any and all leaks.
  3. Checking and cleaning the gas line, the burner, the valves, and the orifice.
  4. Hanging new mantles when needed.
  5. Cleaning all glass.
  6. Making any necessary repairs to the fixture.

If more extensive repairs or fabrication is necessary we remove the gas light fixture. We will cap off the gas at that location and bring your gas lights to our repair center. Annual maintenance of gas fixtures provide the attractive vibrant glow, that gas lights are intended to produce. Unmaintained or improperly maintained gas lights have a diminished flicker of light. This diminished light is not the illumination and security that gas lighting was intended for. A diminishing flicker will begin to extinguish more frequently. It will cause a continuous gas flow to be disbursed from the burner.  Although the gas is minimal, you don’t want to leave a gas leak unattended, as this poses a safety hazard.  Proper maintenance will provide the correct gas pressure to prevent unnecessary and frequent blow outs. Proper annual maintenance can prevent and repair potential gas leaks.

Gas Lights Wall Mount

We care for all things pertaining to gas lighting, from the simplest to the most complex problems.  We sell, service, and repair all residential and commercial gas fixtures.  Gas Products Unlimited custom fabricates gas lights. We specialize in converting existing electric fixtures into unique gas lights.  We also provide the finishing touch on your home’s entryway, garage, porch, patio, or pergola. Gas Products Unlimited hangs ceiling gas lights. We also light up driveways and entry gates with pillar mounted gas lighting.  We dress up outdoor living spaces. We light up pool areas with a multitude of lighting options, including gas torches. Gas Products Unlimited also illuminates large open areas with the original post mounted street and yard lamps.  We specialize in electronic and automatic ignition systems for gas lights as well. We are a CenterPoint Gas dealer and we are also referred by Houston’s premier custom home designers and builders.

At Gas Products Unlimited, October’s Fall season rapidly changes into our busy season. Because of this, do not allow poor planning to leave you or your party guests in the dark on that important holiday evening.  Call us in advance.  We would enjoy assisting you with your gas lights to make all your holidays bright!

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