Outdoor Kitchens Require Maintenance

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens require regular maintenance to insure safety and optimum operation. You will of course, also want to keep it clean and looking nice. Your outdoor kitchens will require extra attention due to the weather effect. Weather can bring excessive heat and cold that your indoor kitchen never has to experience. Weather can bring dust, dirt, rain, & snow. These unwanted realities can effect the way outdoor kitchens perform. Oh yes, the animal consideration is in play as well! Rats, mice, squirrels, and flying insects like wasps can certainly pose potential problems for all outdoor kitchens. The two most expensive items in outdoor kitchens are usually counter tops and grills. Maintain them both!

Maintain Outdoor Kitchens;

  • Popular counter tops like granite and other decorative stone may need to be sealed to prevent staining if they are exceptionally porous. Check with your contractor and test with oil and lemon juice if you are concerned about counter top stains. Rain and sunshine can actually be a very good natural cleaner for these popular stone counter tops. Play it safe and seal counter tops. You won’t be sorry.
  • Gas grills require maintenance for usability and safety. It’s best to lightly clean your gas grill after each use. Wipe down the grates of your gas grill. Coat the grates with vegetable oil to protect them. With a wire brush gently clean the burners which prevents an unwanted build up of debris. At seasons beginning and end check the gas lines or hoses for damage or leaks. Check the valves as well.

Outdoor kitchens by their very nature are focal points for family and friends. Make certain that this area is safe to be near. Gas grills can be very dangerous and cause burns, fire, and explosions. Simple and regular maintenance will insure the proper operation of your gas grill. This maintenance will also make for a safe and pleasant atmosphere. And isn’t that why you had it built. Outdoor kitchens are wonderful additions to ant home, however, they do require regular maintenance to be safe and function properly. If you don’t feel comfortable contact a professional for annual or semi-annual maintenance check for your gas grills and outdoor kitchens.

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