Gas Logs Have Many Advantages

Gas Logs - Cedar

Gas Logs have many advantages over traditional firewood. These artificial logs will last a lifetime. Firewood has a single use life expectancy. You need to constantly and continually load firewood into your fireplace. Gas Logs require a single installation. In between the use of firewood it is necessary to remove the ashes from the fireplace. It’s not a hard job, but it is a job that no one enjoys. Oh yeah, now you have to dispose of the ashes. That’s not too hard, unless they spill and ashes go everywhere. Everyone who has, or has had a fireplace, has memories of cleaning up spilled ashes. Gas Logs do not generate ashes and therefore require no cleanup after use.

Quality hardwood like Oak can cost anywhere from $425.00 to $750.00 a cord. For that fee your firewood will be cut, split, delivered, and stacked in your garage or on your patio. The prices noted here vary widely due to the quality of wood, local competition, time of year, and local inventory or availability. If you order your firewood in late summer you can save some money. If you wait until it gets cold to buy, you will pay a premium for your firewood. Year after year you must buy firewood if you intend on enjoying a fire in your family room. Gas Logs on the other hand, require a single purchase and will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Gas Logs will cost anywhere from $195.00 to $1,500.00 depending on quality, size, style, & manufacturer. Installation may be an additional cost. Most Gas Logs are easily installed with minimal effort or experience.

These artificial Logs come in either a Vented or Vent Free style. Vented Gas Logs can only be used in a real wood burning fireplace. Vent Free Gas Logs are for use in Real & Faux Fireplaces. Homes without a real fireplace can enjoy Gas Logs because of this Vent Free style.

Gas Logs Have Many Advantages;

  1. One Time Purchase vs. Buying Firewood every time you run out.
  2. No Clean Up after use vs. Removing ashes after every use.
  3. No tending to the fire and moving logs, and adding logs.
  4. Much less expensive over time. Very cost efficient.
  5. Much easier to have a fire. No hauling wood to the fireplace.
Split Oak Gas Logs

Fires are soothing, and almost everyone enjoys being around one. That’s why fireplaces are so popular. Even in milder climates fireplaces are popular. In the North East, Mountain West, & Midwest United States the climate is such that fireplaces can be used six months a year. In other areas of the United States fireplaces are limited to only two or three months a year. Nevertheless, fires are popular throughout the United States and Gas Logs enjoy a popularity everywhere.

Gas Products Unlimited of Alvin, Texas sells, installs, and services Gas Logs throughout Coastal Southeast Texas. If you have any questions, Contact us at your earliest convenience. Be ready for this years Winter cold. It’s closer than you think. Don’t wait until it gets cold or the first freeze .

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